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sundown & other stories


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released 29 June 2021

the album

the story...

When we play live there are two of us. ​And, it's lovely and works very well. 

But that's live; in the recording studio one can ask interesting questions such as -'what if..'

the songs

...and the stories

All songs have stories; histories, mysteries, tragedies, or romances attached to them.

These are some of our favourite songs, and here are their stories.

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fool's gold

what about us?

We're often asked; 'why are you called Fool's Gold?'

There is a stock answer to this, it's just that I've told it so many times that I'm not sure I believe myself anymore.

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'Sundown and other stories' is available in a number of different ways.

It can be listened to on many online streaming services, or downloaded, or obtained on CD. 

Shadow on Concrete Wall
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3 Oxhill Villas, Stanley, Co. Durham, DH9 7JT 0795 7948116

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